Keep Albuquerque Beautiful
A Program of the Solid Waste Management Department

 Green Waste/Composting

 Albuquerque turns yard waste into compost. In order put Albuquerque's green waste to better use, the Solid Waste Management Department has initiated a compost program using the green waste collected from the citizens of Albuquerque.

Making the Most of Green Waste

Except during the city's special collection events, green waste is transported to the city's Convenience Centers by homeowners and commercial landscapers. The green waste is then transferred to the City of Albuquerque's Compost Facility, located in northwest Albuquerque. Every effort is made to recover clean green waste at the convenience center year-round.

Composting at the Compost Facility

At the Compost Facility, city employees screen, grind, and mix the green waste. Then the material is placed into long piles called "windrows" to be transformed into compost. Once ready, the compost is used at city parks and other city facilities.

Using the Composted Green Waste

In the desert Southwest, the market for compost and mulch is limitless. These products maximize soil nutrient value, conserve water, and control soil erosion. With our sandy soils and low rainfall, these products are in high demand.

The City of Albuquerque's own Parks & General Services Department uses green waste compost to help keep our parks green.

As the composting program continues to grow, the city expects to reap increased benefits by saving landfill space, increasing recycling participation, and greening the desert while conserving water—all at costs commensurate with traditional land-filling.