Keep Albuquerque Beautiful
A Program of the Solid Waste Management Department
Neighborhood Streetscape Grant


There are several factors that determine a community's potential for success. One of the most critical strengths, and one that is often overlooked, is the appearance of the community. Visitors immediately make a judgment about the community based on their first impression. Is the area litter-free? Are the properties attractive and well maintained? Is there an underlying sense of civic pride shining through? Although these are intangible concepts, they are very real in the eyes of our visitors.


In an effort to help improve our community Keep Albuquerque Beautiful provides several grants to help the public achieve this goal.


Keep Albuquerque Beautiful offers grant funds for use on streetscape (right-of-way) and eyesore improvement within the city. A total of $3,000 from New Mexico Clean & Beautiful is available to all Albuquerque neighborhood groups interested in the beautification, litter control, landscaping and maintenance of right-of-way or streetscape projects within their neighborhood.


The grant is distributed at the beginning of each year to Neighborhood Association Presidents. All city neighborhood groups are eligible and are encouraged to submit an application. After neighborhoods have been granted funds for their desired projects, they are able to beautify their neighborhood!

Before                                                      After