Keep Albuquerque Beautiful
A Program of the Solid Waste Management Department
The City of Albuquerque and Keep Albuquerque Beautiful are committed to helping protect our environment for Albuquerque's current and future generations to enjoy. Recycling helps to keep disposal costs down while preserving natural resources and protecting the air, soil and groundwater.

Much of the more that 1,800 tons of trash generated by the city each day can be recycled. Keep Albuquerque Beautiful helps to teach the residents of Albuquerque how to recycle through education and varying events throughout the year.

Recyclables are collected curbside at Albuquerque households, at recycling drop-off sites throughout the city, and at the city's Eagle Rock Convenience Center. But collection is only the first step in the recycling process. To close the loop, materials then need to be processed into a form that allows them to be converted into a reusable product.