Keep Albuquerque Beautiful
A Program of the Solid Waste Management Department
Trashion Fashion

Trashion Fashion is a fashion show brought to you by Keep Albuquerque Beautiful and Warehouse 508. The fashion show challenges designers to create outfits using upcycled materials. That means instead of buying new fabric and materials, they must create their outfits using reclaimed, recycled, and found materials. Each outfit is worn by a model and displayed on a traditional fashion show runway.

If you wish to participate or design for this years Trashion Fashion Show please fill out application below.

Trashion Fashion Show
Where: Warehouse 508
When: November 15th
Time: 2 p.m
First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Contact Phone:
 Will you be Modeling or designing for trashion fashion?  Model
 What category will you be entering show as? Novice
Will you be designing your own outfit? Yes
 Will you supply the following?
(Check all that apply)
Hair Stylist
Makeup Artist

Will Keep Albuquerque Beautiful need to supply the following? 
(Check all that apply)
Hair Stylist
Makeup Artist
Application Due:
Sept. 26,2014

Description of outfit or design:
Nov. 3,2014

Photos of outfit or design: 
Nov. 3, 2014
 Criteria -Model age 9 years or older
-All models must sign Model Release form (Models 9-17 Must have parents sign)
-Outfits must not be revealing- KAB reserves the right to deny any outfit or design from being highlighted in the show.
-All models and designers must attend dress rehearsal scheduled Friday before the show.
-Designers must decide to enter  Novice or Pro categories for their outfit(s).
-Outfits must be made out of recycled materials. No outfits made out of traditional clothing will be accepted.
-No political, religious, or social messages are part of the design or outfit.
-A total of 20 outfits will be highlighted in the show. First come first serve basis.
Disclaimer   Outfits will be photographed for promotional purposes only.
Select outfits may be displayed in museum type setting after the show

I have read and acknowledge the given guidelines and requirements.